Danielle Fujino

Degree: B.S. - Biopsychology, Minor Applied Psychology, UC Santa Barbara (2015)

Area of Emphasis: Mental Health, Visual Health, Reproductive Health, Infectious Diseases

Practicum: TBD

About Danielle: As an undergraduate at UC Santa Barbara, Danielle became interested in public health while serving as her dorm's reproductive health educator. Danielleís passion for visual neuroscience courses resulted in an internship at SEE International, where she researched Diabetic Retinopathy and volunteered in the nonprofit's community optometry clinic. After graduating, Danielle worked in a lab at the UC Davis Center for Mind and Brain, where she conducted neurolinguistics research on how children adapt to cochlear implants. With an MPH, Danielle seeks to combine her varied health-related interests as a provider of health resources to students and underserved communities.