Lue Lao

Degree: MD Candidate, UCSD School of Medicine (2017)
B.S. - Biological Studies, UC Davis

Area of Emphasis: Underserved Medicine, Healthcare Disparities, Global/International Health, Public Health

Practicum: TBD

About Lue: Before coming to the USA, Lue Lao spent the first part of his childhood in a refugee camp in Thailand, facing starvation, illnesses, and lack of healthcare access. Lue Lao's interest in medicine has stemmed from an early age. Unfamiliarity with modern medicine, bounded by cultural and religious beliefs, and complicated by language barrier, his family often exhausted traditional "shaman healing" before resorting to medicine. Often time, this led to poorer prognosis. Lue Lao went to UC Davis and earned his BS degree in Biology. Afterward, he took a couple years off to spend time with his ill mother. Currently, he is a MS3 from UCSD School of Medicine, in the PRIME Track. He is doing his MPH at UC Davis because he wants to return to serve the underserved communities in Sacramento, particularly the Southeast Asian communities.