Sevana Manukian

Degree: B.S. - Human Biology and Society, UCLA (2015)

Area of Emphasis: Preventive and Holistic Medicine, Reducing Healthcare Disparities, Interdisciplinary Research, International Health

Practicum: TBD

About Sevana: Sevana first became interested in the social and cultural determinants of health after volunteering as a summer camp counselor in underserved regions of Armenia. As an undergraduate, she worked with TEACH, a community health education internship, was involved with research on the neuropsychology of addiction, and was a mentor for underserved youth. These experiences fueled her passion for interdisciplinary research, preventive medicine, and empowering under-served communities. Sevana aims to implement her public health skills as a physician to better serve diverse populations in the U.S. and to contribute to research in Armenia. Sevana loves attending concerts, hiking, running, and travelling.